Our repair services.

Needing a screen repair? How about a battery replacement? Is the software glitching maybe? We'll diagnose your cell phones & tablets and we won't charge you for it. Computer slow? Loud Fans? Or does your PC even turn on? Bring your Desktop PC in for servicing and we'll give it a complete overhall. We'll clean the heat syncs and clear the fans of debris. We'll add new thermal compound to your CPU, and efficiently tidy up all the cables. Laptop battery replacements and screen repairs are also common services we offer. Call us with your model number and we'll give you our absolute best in every aspect. We didn't stop at cell phones and computers though, we offer repairs on game consoles from the PS3 & PS4 to the Xbox 360 & Xbox One and all the submodels in between. Call for info on HDMI port repairs, fan & heat sync cleaning, thermal compound replacement, replacement blu-ray readers, new power supplies, and the most common controller repairs.

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Smartphone Repairs

All makes and models including: iPhone, Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, Sony, and more! We offer screen repairs, battery replacements, charge ports, speakers, home buttons, and the rest!

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Tablet PC Repairs

Every iPad ever made, as well as many Galaxy, Surface, Asus, Acer, Google's Pixels, and even E-readers. Some examples include: screens, buttons, batteries, and other internal components.

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Laptop & Mac Repairs

Screen & LCD repairs, replacement motherboards, new batteries, replacement hard drives including SSD upgrades, internal speakers, fans, even data recovery, and the extremely important dust removal etc.

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Desktop PC Repairs

We offer customized PC units built to your personal specifications of RAM, CPU & motherboard, and graphic card. Additional options include water cooling systems and custom built cases.

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